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Utilities:  Water, Gas, Sewer and Garbage  615-666-4580

Connection fee and service charges are required before services can be turned on.  A photo ID and signature of the person getting the service is also required.  If renting the property, a rental agreement is needed for proof of who is renting the property and the service has to be turned on by the person on the agreement.  All past due balances have to be paid prior to any new services.

Fire Department, 500 Franklin Ave:  615-666-2190

The Fire Department will help you with the City's  codes enforcement information and building permits.

Police Department, 118 East Locust St:  615-666-4725  Call the police department for animal control in the Lafayette city limits. 

Administrative, 200 East Locust St:  615-666-2194

For a city business license, beer license and information about the city codes and charter information.

Streets Department:  615-666-2194

Call city hall for city streets concerns or street signs.

Parks Department:  615-666-2194

Call City Hall to reserve a pavilion at Key Park, located on Church St., or the City Park, located on Days Rd.  Your reservation will reserve the pavilion area only of the park.  RV spaces are also available at Key Park.  Reservation fee is $28.00 per night.