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Fire & Rescue

Fire Department
500 Franklin Avenue
Lafayette, TN 37083
To Report An Emergency, Dial 9-1-1.
(615) 666-2190 (Voice, Business Office)
(615) 666-6150 (Fax)

Troy Brawner, Fire Chief 2017 - Copy (2)
 Chief Troy Brawnier



The Lafayette Fire Department


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FD                fire

The Lafayette Fire Station                                          One of Lafayette's Fire Trucks  

Learn Before Your Burn!

Burning permits are requiredby law for some kinds of outdoor burning during certain times of the year.

For further information, please visit

The State of Tennessee has some very strict open-burning regulations.  You can be fined up to $25,000.00 per day for illegal open burning in Tennessee. 

  • It is illegal to burn the following items in Tennessee:
    Household trash. Vinyl shingles. Agricultural chemicals. Electrical wires.
    Tires and rubber products. Asphalt shingles.. Aerosol cans. Plywood.
    Paper products. Asphalt roofing materials. Food cans. Oriented strand board.
    Cardboard. Demolition debris. Building material. Treated wood.
    Newspaper. Asbestos-containing material. Construction material. Railroad ties.
    Plastics and other synthetic materials. Paints. Mobile homes. Leaves, branches and trees not grown on site
    Vinyl siding. Household chemicals. Copper wire.  

Fore more information and suggestions on how to dispose of these items, please visit the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation, Division of Air Pollution Control: